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We're technology specialists that drive implementation and adoption.

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We help you move

smarter, faster.


Diagnose. We quickly identify where automation can help you improve customer experience and make your processes lightning fast. 


Prioritize. We work with your team to identify what the key priorities are so you can select the right platform and identify the quickest wins.

Execute. We drive your teams' success with execution support including roadmaps, staff augmentation, or ongoing guidance.

Quickly understand your
strengths and opportunities

Understand where your technology implementation will experience hurdles and where it most impacts your customers. What are the real gaps? Is it people, process, or technology?

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Identify the solutions that'll make the most impact now.

Our solutions reflect your organization's unique structure and needs. We provide solutions that intersect people, process, and technology.

Legal Operations


Custom Automation

ROI Calculators

Training and Enablement

Change Management


What-if modeling (revenue targeting)

CRM Implementation

Marketing Alignment

Sales Enablement

Program Development

Customer Advocacy

Program Development

Outcomes Targeting

CRM Implementation

Tooling Development


B2B Marketing Strategies and Plans

Sales Alignment

What-if modeling (targeting)

Marketing Automation

Marketing Enablement

Program Development

Customer Success

Program Development

Outcomes Targeting

CRM Implementation

CSM Enablement

Tooling Development


Diagnostics + Discovery

Our team will interview yours, review your existing processes, and identify areas of strength and opportunity, especially along the customer journey. Where possible, we recommend a workshop to speed delivery and ensure internal alignment.

Team Augmentation

Whether you need one SME or a dedicated team, we can provide you the resources you need to immediately execute on your goals. 

Model Development

Need a data-driven approach? We can develop specific goals and what-if scenarios based on your data and internal definitions. We can provide both simpler spreadsheet-based models or more complex AI-based approaches.

Fractional Leadership

If you need part-time marketing or sales operations leadership to support your C-Suite, Nine Sky can help you with experienced Fortune 500 leaders.


Gain organizational alignment and clarity with collaborative roadmaps that explain what's next, why, when, and how.

Strongly recommended for organizations experiencing communications challenges or siloed approaches.

Why Nine Sky

We bring the power of decades of Fortune 100 skills, experience, and technology insight to organizations seeking to make a change in the world.

We're passionate about people, collaboration, data and bridging the gaps between them.

Blue Skies

Our Approach

leads to 
leads to
leads to

About Nine Sky Consulting

Nine Sky Consulting is a woman and minority-owned sales and marketing consultancy. 

Nine Sky Consulting, named to evoke the limitless sky and its multiple perspectives, signifies the diverse insights we offer. Our clients experience a "Cloud Nine" sensation as we effectively drive their revenue growth. Drawing from the founder's experience as a refugee and Asian immigrant, the number nine also signifies luck and success.


Founder, President

Hao Nguyen

Hao has a 17-year track record of success at top firms like McKinsey, Red Hat/IBM, and Abt Associates. Her unique expertise lies in simplifying complex challenges and fostering alignment among experts, independent teams, and customers.  She holds an MFA in Creative Writing (UNCG)  and a BA in Literature (Wellesley College).

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Director of Technology (AI / NLP)

Matthew Ramos

Matthew, an  expert in natural language processing and product development, has pioneered chatbot solutions across multiple industries. Excelling in data analysis and customer engagement, he has spearheaded international projects. Matthew graduated from Columbia University. In his spare time, he enjoys adding new languages to his skills and participating in language competitions.


Director of Sales

Jan Walker

Jan, a highly experienced sales professional, specializes in connecting businesses to their customers. With a focus on Fortune 1000 sales and enterprise IT and business solutions, she excels in nurturing long-term relationships and executing sales plans. A UNC Chapel Hill graduate, Jan loves supporting sales and marketing for organizations of all sizes.

People Walking


Subject Matter Experts

Nine Sky additionally leverages our network of experts on: 


  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning trends analysis

  • Executive leadership development and coaching

  • Branding, web, and marketing collateral design

  • Enterprise software development and integration

  • NGO, Non-profit, and government sales

  • Sales roles: SDR, Sales engineering, Account managers​

Let's discuss how to make you and your team successful.

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